About Us

Xiamen Nacyc Energy Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing solar PV products. With our 15 years of experience in designing and producing metallic structures, we began our business with Solar Mounting Systems and were determined to become an all-round solution provider of solar technologies.   

With the joint efforts of our experienced R&D team and technical support from our associated companies, we quickly completed the design and testing of a series of solar mounting products, which were all well-praised by our customers and industry professionals right after the release.  

When designing a product or making a business decision, we always follow the principle of ¡®Innovative, professional and high-quality ¡¯. We believe that only with this in our mind can our company have sustainable development and constantly bring more values to our customers.  

Innovative: we actively learn from the industry-leading designs but it¡¯s our rule that we lead and don¡¯t steal. Through innovation, we maximize the value of mounting structure in the PV system; through innovation, we win our customers¡¯ trust, our competitors¡¯ respect and our employees¡¯ pride.  

Professional: from product design to communication with customer, we want to present ourselves as a professional. Nacyc Energy was born out of a professional manufacturer of metal products, and our R&D team, management team all come from PV industry. This guarantee that we have a good start to providing professional products and services.  

High-quality: we strictly follow ISO9001 quality management system and industry standards of target markets; we improve the quality and lifespan of the mounting structures by applying anodized aluminum, hot-galvanized steel, and anti-UV aging materials etc in our design. Our 15 years of experience in metal manufacturing also guarantee the consistence of our quality.  

As a company with social responsibility, Nacyc Energy is dedicated to renewable industry and will constantly contribute its part to the popularization of clean energies by constantly delivering products and services with high value-adds.  

We look forward to building a greener future with friends and fellow companies with same vision.