A study has attempted to provide detailed analysis of the beneficial impact off-grid renewables, led by solar, are having on people in the worlds least developed countries. February 24, 2020 Marija Maisch Off-grid installations have a clear impact but could be more inclusively deployed, according to a new report. Image: SolarNow With communities previously lacking electricity having reported improved lighting, wellbeing and safe
Japans Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has opened a formal investigation into the exact failure mode behind the destruction at the Yamakura Dam floating PV installation. In the end, the ministry seeks to draw up a plan to revamp not just the dam, but also the arrays that are still intact. This is a learning exercise that should be closely followed, as floating PV is enjoying growing popularity. FEBRUARY 22, 2020MARIAN WILLUHN After the o
The government of Victoria has decided to break from national electricity rules and introduce legislation to fast-track priority projects such as grid scale batteries and transmission upgrades, and make room for more large scale solar and wind. The announced reforms have prompted a flurry of reaction. FEBRUARY 20, 2020MARIJA MAISCH The state government has lost patience after grid connection delays and curtailment of clean energy output. Image:
By Conor Ryan Feb 20, 2020 12:45 AM GMT ased on the EPA's greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator, the project is estimated to offset carbon dioxide emissions by 190,000 metric tons annually and will be the largest solar project in South Dakota. Image: Geronimo Energy Geronimo Energy and Basin Electric Power Cooperative have signed off on a PPA for the 128MW Wild Springs Solar Project, located in Pennington County, South Dakota. The Wild Spring
The government is planning to introduce a procurement regime this year which the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis says could drive the price of clean electricity as low as PHP3/kWh. It is thought projects which missed the feed-in tariff scheme deadline will be eligible to compete in the auctions. FEBRUARY 18, 2020EMILIANO BELLINI The proposed system could bring clean power prices below $0.059/kWh. Image: travel oriented/Fli