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Things are hotting up in the tracker world as the desire to squeeze down the price per Watt of solar power intensifies. And the rise of the trackers is attracting some well-known businesses to buy their way into the field. MARCH 19, 2019MAX HALL Soltec slipped two places in the latest rankings but all the world¡¯s top ten tracker suppliers shipped more product last year. Image: Soltec With the race on to double down on the price per Watt of s
Analysis released today by independent energy and consulting firm, Rystad Energy shows an incredible reserve of energy storage has been added to Australia¡¯s ongoing boom in solar and wind projects during the first two months of 2019 ¡ª confidence, perhaps, that an energy-transition policy will finally triumph at the Federal polls! MARCH 18, 2019NATALIE FILATOFF The Sunraysia Solar Farm is also expected to include a big battery. Image: Maoneng
A 27 MW solar project will generate energy for the company¡¯s extensive site in Moerdijk, in the south of the country. MARCH 14, 2019MAX HALL The Shell project is a major installation for Dutch solar. Image: Shell Oil and gas giantShellhas taken a step towards greening its chemical operations ¨C and boosted theNetherlands¡¯ installed PV capacity¨C by opening a 27 MW solar project. The Anglo-Dutch fossil fuel company today officially opened
Last month¡¯s jump in new installations was mainly due to the pending FIT cut for installations not larger than 750 kW. FEBRUARY 28, 2019PETRA HANNEN Rooftop systems again accounted for most of the PV installed in Germany in January. Image: IBC Solar Germany¡¯s Federal Network Agency, the Bundesnetzagentur, has reported 578.9 MW of new PV systems were registered in January, marking a significant increase from December, when new additions
ByConor Ryan Feb 27, 20198:42 PM GMT The Roadrunner project is expected to enter into operation in two phases. Image: Enel Green Power Enel Green Power North America has started construction on the 497MW Roadrunner solar plant in Upton County, Texas. Once completed, the installation is set to be the largest solar facility in Enel¡¯s US portfolio and the largest solar project in the state of Texas. Georgios Papadimitriou, head of Enel Green Power No