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To the end - ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week (ASE)
TIME:2017-06-23    VIEWNUM:1985    SOURCE:本站原创

To the end : ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week (ASE)

During the 7th, June to 10th, June, Nacyc Energy has enjoy great time in Bangkok, Thaliand, we have met so many people from energry industry, so are the rewards for us. 

Photovoltaic industry is enviromentally friendly energy, it certailly will have great developemental space,and the growing demands for solar products with high standard. 

Solar mounting system as a important part of solar system, Nacyc wish to cooperate with more companies in solar industry. Thank you for all coming to our exhibition booth, and having a better understanding about our products. 

Should you have any needs in the solar products or need our quotation for your project, we will glad to offer you the design solution, hope to cooperate with you. 

All of staff in Nacyc would work hard to satisfy your requirement.

Thank you for all support.